Desparate To Lose Weight In A Good Way

Wow me desparate to lose weight just laying here wondering how am I going to lose this weight. There has to be an easy way. But I know there isnt one. As of may 9 2020 11:46pm usa eastern time im laying down in bed. Have not eaten anything for dinner which should actually help me lose some weight considering I didnt add additional calories. I did snack on some salsa sunchips which are my favorite.  It wasnt any old bag it was the big bag of sun chips. I love how they taste but I know in my heart I shouldnt have ate the whole bag. Life is so easy when you are laying in your bed, a vegetarian, and somehow some way you still are 280 pounds. I have been a vegetarian for about a year and a half now but im still overweight. I made this blog not just for the readers. This blog is also for me, I believe it will help me take this weightloss journey more seriously, I also feel like it will help me stay more focus because obviously maintaining any blog requires that. I once lost over 60 pounds twice in my lifetime so I know I can do it again. You do look and feel awhole lot better when you are in good physical shape. Your health is important and alot of people tend to forget that. They are so busy with everyday life. Just because you are busy it doesnt give you a root towards the destruction of your body, that doesnt give you an excuse. Right now as im writing this post my mouth is so dry.  When you are obese you tend to get hungry really fast, for example I feel like I havent eaten all day but I most certainly have. You crave food more often then not and sometimes it can really be frustrating when you cant eat the food you want to eat when you dont have the money. The past couple of weeks Ive been eating alot of pizza or really I should say the past couple of months. That would explain my consistent weight increase.  I dont

desaparate to lose weight

I dont know about you but as I look at my photo I took right here I am desparate to lose weight. I really look chubby in this photo and sometimes I cant believe it. When you gain alot of fat sometimes you dont ever imagine being the size you are. So when I look at that photo thats what I think of it, other the im still good looking. Well anyways im here feeling hungry and sleepy at the same time such a perfect combination. I will tell you all more about myself and my goals for this blog when I wake back up. For now im going to sleep but I will finish up this lost tomorrow probably first thing tomorrow morning. Maybe I should start water fasting tomorrow lol. This fat have to go I want a 6 pack before the summer arrives which I dont think is possible but I will keep my hopes alive. You have to keep the faith.


New Day Has Arrived

Ok as of right now its a new day. I havent gone to sleep yet. It is 12:23am and its mothers day. I havent been on the scale but last time I checked my weight I was around 280. Im desparate to lose weight especially after you go on the scale and you see you are close to 300 pounds thats not good at all.


Im thinking about food still and I cant believe I have gone to sleep yet. My purpose for this blog is to inspire people and motivate anyone who may be having struggles with there weight. Or maybe you have been at an unhealthy weight your whole life. Well hopefully my blog will brighten you up. Hopefully this will be that boost, that one thing you needed to encourage yourself, to let yourself know that if Alvin can do it so can I. Im no hero but I do want to be your hero. If I help this 1 person with this blog it will be all worth it.


I do realize that taking care of your health is really important. Im 31, never had any major surgeries or anything but there was one time I went to the hospital over a year ago and that one moment changed my life or atleast it made me change my style of eating. I wanted to eat vegetables and fruits because I knew it would be beneficial to the body. Im sorry for sounding like a doctor right now but it really is true. Sometimes when you eat you dont be thinking about what you are doing to your body, you just be thinking about how it taste. You must be smart,  you must eat healthy foods that provides vitamins and minerals that your body will thank you for.

Im No Judge But I do Know Some Facts

Here I am a young man over 280 pounds trying to lecture someone on do’s and not’s. Seem like a joke right. Im simply trying to make it known that your food choices can hurt you, it can make you lose weight and in some cases it can be life theatening. Sports athelics have my upmost respect they keep there body in shape year in and year out. No matter how many times they may be tempted to snack after a game they dont. They understand there body or there job could be on the line if they continue a trend of bad eating habits. Having self control is very important and that is something I really need to work on. Its so easy to gain weight, it is so easy to be greedy, but its a challenge to know your limits or to even put a limit on yourself.

Ehh me laying here rubbing on my stomach, its so big. Sometimes I think in my head how can people actually be bigger than me. Im speaking of people that are over 300 pounds. I eat alot but they must be huge amounts of foods. But one thing I do know is that it can happen and it will happen to me if im not serious about this weightloss goal.


As you probably can tell already one of the things I love are sports. I enjoy watching sports, I love the competition. I love the challenge and seeing that one team that come out on top. Thats exactly what im doing now. Im challenging myself with this blog and also with me losing this weight all at the same time. I know it wont be an easy road but im willing to do whatever it takes to be on top because I know it will be all worth it. There is no turning back from here.


Sweets are my biggest weakness, I love me some sugar but its not good to have too much of it because it creates body fat. It also makes you tired which makes you lazy which eventually makes you over 275 pounds like myself. I believe in this weightloss journey I know it wont be easy. I believe in you as well. You have a heart of a champion, we will not give up. Water fasting is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. Ive done it before and lost a total of 15 pounds in just 4 days. Im desparate to lose weight and im not going to let my greed, laziness or feelings get in the way this time.


Ok Let Me Go To Sleep As I Am Desparate To Lose Weight O clock

The time is clicking very minute that goes by could be a calorie that goes bye bye. I want to personally thank anyone who is joining this weightloss journey with me. Welcome to my diary, I am the one yes me the one thats trying to lose 80 pounds in 10 weeks lol exactly. I wish that could happen. Or maybe I will drink some fiber for the next couple of weeks. Obviously if I order some pizza delivery that wouldnt be a good idea. A great meal is the real deal no matter how you feel just know that food doesnt pay the bills. Just something to think about when you go to your next fansy restaurant.


Thank You

Those of you who read my blog, to those of you who believe in me during the course of this journey. If you are interested in losing weight you should join me. That way we can lose weight together. This time when I lose my weight I will keep it off. I will not let fear or my self greed get in the way of my weightloss goal. I will march on to the championship and I will win it. I will look back at this and say to myself I did it or shall I say we did it. Okay its definitly time for me to go to sleep. Its after 1:24AM and im still up writing and thinking.

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